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If you know what style of massage you prefer, mention it when we speak on the phone to book your appointment.  Otherwise, plan on spending a few minutes when you come in for your appointment to go over your needs and concerns.  We'll find a plan that fits your needs and create a session that's perfect for you.

Here are different theories for massage modalities:


This is what people think of when they think of massage.  It uses long gliding strokes, deep muscle kneading, friction, tapotement and range of motion. It is a fluid moving massage.  Please be aware of this important contraindication for this type of massage if you are in the very first stages of a cold, it will drive the virus deep into the tissues.

Deep Tissue​

This type of massage is muscle specific.  It is usually integrated with other types of massage, such as Swedish.  It mechanically increases the circulation to a problem area and helps to hydrate and promote healing and release tension in muscles. 

Neuromuscular Treatment​

- also known as NMT.  This is usually integrated with other types of massage.  It is used specifically to treat chronic pain and pain patterns, and to unlock the reflexive patterns, working with the nervous system.

Structural Integration

This type of work is corrective to the body posture and the use of your joints.  It is a very deep and intense form of massage also known as ‘Rolfing’ and it will cause change in your structure and whole being.  It is a unique and specialized massage that requires a commitment of 10 sessions.

Cranial Mobilization​

This type of massage uses light pressure to check the mobility of the cranial bones, isolating the restrictions and creating balanced movement.  I find this type of massage is good for muscle tension of the neck, dizziness, headaches, and ringing in the ears. 

If you don’t know what the right form of massage is for you and your situation, don’t worry, I take from all of these modalities and create the perfect massage for you.  I will always ask what your objective is in receiving massage.  Is it to relax or to focus on relieving pain?  Then I will work within the boundaries we set together for how intense or the type of correction you are striving for.

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