Massage by robin

Advanced Body Worker


"I have travelled all over the world and been fortunate enough to experience many different forms and techniques of massage. Some people know their technique but can't read their client's body. Other's can read the body but their technique is sadly lacking. robin is one of the rare people who can do both.

There are many methods I would not trust most practitioners to perform on my body (because they can really hurt you if they don't know what they're doing). However, I trust robin and I've allowed her to use whatever method she deems best. My body is happy I did.

In short, robin is one of the most skilled massage therapists I have ever had the pleasure of going to. She sincerely wants to help you. If you pay her a visit, I think you will be very happy you did.” - Ward Arnold


“I am a singer, songwriter, speaker and voice coach.  I am very active and have no time to be sick.  I have been going to robin for massage every other week for over four years.  She is able to find and work those areas that are out of sync.  Three years ago I fell and developed tendonitis in my rotator cuff, which is very painful and debilitating shoulder injury?  I play guitar and it was very difficult to play with a shoulder that was extremely tight, not to mention the pain.  Robin has been able to help me get back full use of my arm and shoulder.  Massage to me is not a luxury but a necessity.” -  Christy Wessler


"robin is a great resource for our company in providing relief from stress and tension caused by bending over a desk and working at a computer all day.  As a ‘perk’ for our employees, we contracted with robin to give each employee a one-hour massage each month.  Our employees look forward to these sessions and give us favorable comments about the opportunity to leave work and get relief from tension.  We plan to continue offering robin’s services as part of our benefits package.” - Mary Lou Green


"This goes way beyond massage.  On my last visit, robin took the time to find out what my needs were, and asked questions to find out any trouble spots.  My session was completely amazing.  Not only did I come out completely relaxed, but my problem areas were dramatically improved. Thanks robin!” - Lori Osterberg

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